If you’ve registered for the CPA2024 Convention, then you should have received (or will shortly receive) an email with your login credentials.

Use your login credentials to access the CPA2024 Conference event application to build your schedule, network with attendees and more!

Use this link, Pheedloop Go! EventApp for CPA2024 https://pheedloop.com/CPA2024/ to download the Event App for iOS, Android, or connect to the web version of the App for your mobile device.

You can also access the full CPA2024 Conference Event Portal website on your computer at Pheedloop Event Portal for CPA2024 https://pheedloop.com/CPA2024/site/home/.

For more information on using the Event Portal, and the differences between the different versions, click here.

If it’s been more than 24 hours since you registered and you still haven’t received your login credentials, please contact webmaster@cpa.ca.
If you are experiencing issues with the Event Portal, please contact support@pheedloop.com and be sure to Cc webmaster@cpa.ca.