For the first time ever, the CPA’s annual national convention is going virtual!

Beginning July 6th there will be new content each week, culminating with a special focus on COVID-related content the week of August 3rd.

Content for July 6th -10th
Next week’s content will feature content from the following thematic areas:

  • Understanding and improving the workplace
  • Improving psychological research
  • Improving and promoting health
  • Creating a healthy(ier) planet

Accessing the Content
Anyone who has registered for the virtual series will have on-demand access to the content throughout the summer (

Registrants would have received a link to their profile and the platform within the last week; new registrants will receive their login info within 24-hours of registering. If you didn’t receive a link – or don’t receive one within 24 hours of registering – please contact us at

Within the virtual platform, all scheduled presentations can be searched, inclusive of abstracts.  Presentations can be searched by:

  • CPA Section
  • Thematic Area (within Thematic Area, content can be searched by Presentation Type)
  • Submission ID #
  • Presenting Author
  • Title

PDFs are immediately available for viewing.  Videos will only be available the week that the Thematic Area to which it has been submitted has been scheduled to be released ( Sessions with an associated zoom link will only be available on the date/time that the zoom meeting is in session; in some cases, zoom links may be replaced with recordings of the session.

Stay tuned for weekly announcements on upcoming key sessions and any scheduled live chats or zoom sessions with presenters.

Register for CPA2020 Virtual Series

Registration is free for current CPA members, affiliates and student affiliates (  If you haven’t already, register now to get access to the latest scientific research, information on leading practices from across the discipline, and to have a chance to stay connected with your peers and colleagues from across the country.