Learn & Grow

The CPA’s Annual National Convention offers access to in-person presentations covering a tremendous breadth of psychological information. CPA Convention Delegates have the opportunity to learn about advances and developments in a broad array of areas such as clinical psychology, cognitive science, social psychology, clinical neuropsychology, psychologists in education, industrial/organizational psychology, developmental psychology, counseling psychology, and criminal justice psychology… to name just a few.

Strategic Benefits

The field of psychology is changing continuously, and it is often difficult to see “the forest” when our views and experiences come from working at the “tree” level. A key role of the Canadian Psychological Association is to anticipate, understand, and respond to these changes, taking into account the policy, advocacy, practice, research, and training landscapes.

Attending the CPA’s Annual National Convention provides delegates the opportunity to learn about developments and issues that govern the practice, science and education of psychology including but not limited to: delivery of psychological service, registration and licensure, training standards, and the funding and dissemination of research. It also provides a unique opportunity to see how the field is evolving at the “forest” level, due to influential factors such as government, the economy, national health care reform, innovations in research, assessment & evaluation, as well as increasing breadth and depth of one’s connections and contacts within the psychological community across Canada.

Networking Benefits

The CPA’s Annual National Convention will enable delegates to meet, interact and develop relationships with colleagues from across the country. The Convention provides delegates with an environment that encourages the exchange of information on initiatives and best practices, and to develop important practice and research collaborations across the country. Members of CPA Sections are able to take the pulse of what their peers in other CPA Sections are talking about, working on, and planning for… and how they plan on doing it. Throughout the Convention, delegates are also able to connect with members of the CPA’s Board of Directors and Head Office Staff and talk to them about the hot button issues they are facing.

The Convention also helps delegates to grow and improve by providing a unique national forum for delegates to explore, learn, and discuss new tools, best practices, and emerging trends. Doing this together, in the “part of a much bigger community” setting provided by the Convention builds a shared knowledge base for applying this information to improve our policies, programs, processes, and outcomes.

CPA Marketplace Trade Show Benefits

Exhibitors and/or Sponsors at the CPA’s National Convention are there to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to meet CPA Members and Affiliates in person, build awareness about their product and/or service, and demonstrate their commitment to psychology in Canada.

As a delegate, you will receive valuable information and insight about products and services that are specifically designed to enhance your ability to provide the best possible service to the individuals with whom you work, your employers, and the profession. And it is an opportunity to collect it first-hand!