About CPA2024

The CPA’s 2024 Annual General Meeting and National Convention is scheduled to take place from June 21st – 23rd, 2024 in Ottawa, ON.

Numerous pre-convention events, including the CPA’s Pre-Convention Professional Development Workshops, will take place on June 20th.

Convention Committee

Chair Lisa Votta-Bleeker (Deputy CEO)
Members Kerri Ritchie (Board Liaison)
Frederick Grouzet
Nada Alaifan
Brigitte Sabourin
Deanne Simms
Lindie Liang
Zoe Hilton (N5 representative)
Sara Hagstrom
Harris Wong
Rashi Chhabra
Amir Sepehry (ex-officio: Board Liaison for Sections)


Staff (Observers)
Kathy Lachapelle-Pétrin (Convention Program Manager)

Contact the Committee governance@cpa.ca