Scientific Program

Convention Theme

Spanning three weeks from June 7th – 25th, and organized around 12 thematic areas and the CPA’s 32 Section subject matter areas, the CPA’s 2021 Annual National Convention will provide many opportunities for personal and professional growth, and highlight the many ways in which the science, practice, and education of psychology can benefit society, improve lives, and advance the discipline.

Thematic areas to be covered in the scientific program include:

Theme Sub-Areas Description
Understanding and improving the workplace Understanding what contributes to a successful workplace; what impact the workplace has on our lives and well-being
Understanding the mind and the brain Understanding what contributes to how the mind and brain works – or doesn’t work
Improving and promoting health Helping people make healthy lifestyle choices, facilitating peak human performance, and improving the treatment of complex human problems.
Creating a healthy(ier) planet Working to change human behavior to restore our environment.
Serving communities Strengthening communities by seeking to understand and address the specific needs of a given community
Understanding society and the world around us Helping people understand the world and improve our interactions within society and the people in our lives.
Examining what, where, when, why and how we learn and perform Examining how people learn and helping facilitate peak performance in the classroom, on the playing field, and in other situations that require physical and mental execution.
Human Rights and Social Justice Exploring the ways in which psychology – from the lenses of practice, science and education – can, does or should promote equity, diversity and inclusivity
Exploring life stages Exploring development across the lifespan from infancy, childhood, adolescence, adults, older adults and through to retirement
Professional and training issues Examining issues related to our discipline as a profession including accreditation, ethics, funding, training
Exploring intellectual roots Examining our discipline and various psychological constructs from a theoretical, historical and/or philosophical lens
Informing public policy Highlighting the ways in which psychology can and does inform public policy
Improving psychological research Highlights the ways in which psychological research – methods, analyses, design – can be improved and better used to inform the science, practice and education of psychology

Professional Development (PD) Workshops

Throughout the virtual event, you can take part in various 3-hour or 6-hour CE creditable workshops. Check back here in January for more information on these workshops. Note that these workshops will have a fee that is over and above the registration fee for the virtual event. Registration for the workshops will be included as part of the registration for the virtual event for individuals wishing to take part in both; individuals will also be able to register solely for workshops via a separate registration.  Registration for workshops will open in February 2021.

The virtual event will also feature 85-minute workshops, some of which will qualify for CE credit.  Participation in those workshops will be included with registration for the virtual event. Check back here in March for a listing of all these workshops.

Continuing Education Credit Certificates

Certificates of completion for eligible workshops will be issued to participants following the virtual event

Section-Featured Speakers/Symposia

Check back in January for a list of Section Featured Speakers, Chair Addresses, or Symposium Organizers.

Presentation Formats

The CPA’s Convention Committee is pleased to offer a wide range of presentation formats for consideration in the scientific program. Click here to view the list.