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CPA Convention Staff and our Convention Committee are thrilled to welcome you to Ottawa and the CPA’s 85th Annual National Convention.

With an average attendance of between 1,200 and 2,000 delegates, the CPA’s Annual National Convention brings together the nation’s best and brightest practitioners, researchers, educators, and students.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss opportunities associated with the CPA’s Convention, please contact sponsorship@cpa.c.

Why you should team up with the CPA:

Psychologists – whether practitioner, scientist and/or educator – and psychology students are highly trained and skilled in such areas as mental health care services and interventions, program evaluation, research, higher education, statistical analyses, methodology, and numerous issues affecting society, the workplace, and peoples’ well-being. They hold positions of high influence in government, health care, academia, not-for-profit organizations, and private industry – just to name a few.

Working with the CPA offers you a unique opportunity to engage with your existing market and showcase your brand to a new target demographic.

CPA is offering a new Exhibitor Package for 2023 – The Exhibitor Employer Package:

Participate in the CPA Convention as an Exhibitor-Employer and get guaranteed face to face time with our delegates so you can find the right fit for your organization.

Maximize your impact by participating in all 3 days of convention: 2 first days as an exhibitor and the last 1 day as an employer participant in our Job Fair.

In the morning session of the Job Fair, delegates will have an opportunity to learn about various career paths and positions for psychology graduates outside of the health services and academic settings directly from individuals in those positions and connect with the people in these positions about their experiences

The afternoon session is your turn to connect! Give delegates the opportunity to learn about your organization, and both hear about and apply for current and future job opportunities.

Job Fair

The CPA is pleased to host its 1st ever in-person Job Fair! As an EMPLOYER participant in the job fair, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase your organization’s visibility, network with highly skilled graduates in the field of psychology, and share current and future opportunities and desired skillsets
  • Meet qualified candidates and gather top resumes
  • Access over 7,000 CPA members and affiliate members, students, and recent graduates through the Job Fair promotion
  • Share your company website and contact info with delegates before and after the job fair

Cost to participate is $395 for the Job Fair alone or $2495 as an Exhibitor-Employer.

To register as an Employer, visit

Click here for the Job Fair Flyer (PDF)

Créée en 1939, la Société canadienne de psychologie (SCP) est la seule association nationale qui se consacre à la fois à la science, la pratique et l’enseignement de la psychologie au Canada. Avec près de 7 000 membres et affiliés, la SCP est la plus grande association professionnelle de psychologues du pays. En faisant progresser la recherche, les connaissances et l’application de la psychologie au service de la société au moyen de la défense des intérêts, du soutien et de la collaboration, la SCP imagine une société où la compréhension des divers besoins, comportements et aspirations de l’être humain est le moteur de la législation, des politiques et des programmes destinés aux personnes, aux organisations et aux collectivités.

Si vous avez des questions ou si vous désirez discuter des possibilités de commandite au congrès de la SCP, veuillez écrire à