Pheedloop Support

Pheedloop Go! EventApp for CPA2024   To view the full Web version of the Event Portal, click here:

Pheedloop Event Portal for CPA2024   To download or visit the Mobile App version of the Event Portal, click here:

Navigating in Pheedloop

If you’re new to the Pheedloop Event Portal, you can experience it in a few different ways.

  1. The full Website version of the Event Portal for your computer, found here:
  2. or the App version of the Event Portal, which can be downloaded to your mobile device or viewed in your device’s web browser, from here:

Both have the same content, but the interface is a bit different.
In both instances, you can select the Schedule and navigate through the various days at the Conference, you can find specific sessions by searching on the session ID or keyword in the Title, or search in the Speakers area for a specific presenter.

  • – In the App, you can also Filter your schedule based on Tracks: Formats, Themes, and Section Programming, and are able to add sessions to your personal Calendar.
  • – In the Web version Schedule you can select between List View, Track View, and Format View. List View shows a list of all of the Sessions . Track View shows all of the sessions below their specific tracks, such as Section or Theme. Format View shows all of the track listed under their specific Format, such as 12-Minute Talk, Poster Session, Symposium, etc..
    In any of the views you can select any of the sessions, and once inside can add it to your personal Calendar. unfortunately, the Web version doesn’t have a link to your personal Calendar. For that you would want to use the Web version of the App, found here
    You can also select “Sessions” in the top menu to view a list of all Sessions, searchable by Speaker, Title, or Description keywords.