Program Schedule and Themes

2024 CPA Program (PDF)
2024 CPA Program (PDF) (updated June 6, 2024)


June 20th, 2024


June 21st, 2024

8:30 am Opening Ceremonies with Elder Blessings
9:00 am Indigenous Keynote Address by Dr. Leroy Little Bear
1:00 pm CPA Presidential Address by Dr. Eleanor Gittens
6:00 pm Indigenous Round Dance


June 22, 2024

12:00 pm CPA Awards Ceremony & Luncheon
1:00 pm CPA Annual General Meeting
2:30 pm CPA Honourary President Address by The Honourable Jean Augustine, P.C., C.M., O.Ont, C.B.E.
3:00 pm Documentary Screening – Steadfast: The Jean Augustine Story
6:30 pm CPA Presidential Reception


June 23, 2024

10:00 am Keynote Address by Dr. Jiaying Zhao


*Note that all times for scheduled sessions are in Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-5).

Program Themes

Theme Description Section Programming Theme
Examining our discipline and various psychological constructs from a theoretical, historical and/or philosophical lens History & Philosophy of Psychology

Exploring intellectual roots

Working to change human behavior to restore our environment Environmental Psychology

Creating a healthy(ier) planet

Helping people make healthy lifestyle choices, facilitating peak human performance, and improving the treatment of complex human problems Clinical Psychology
Addiction Psychology
Counselling Psychology
Health Psychology & Behavioural Medicine
Traumatic Stress

Improving and promoting health

Strengthening communities by seeking to understand and address the specific needs of a given community Community Psychology
Rural & Northern Psychology
Criminal Justice Psychology
Indigenous Peoples’ Psychology

Serving communities

Understanding what contributes to a successful workplace; what impact the workplace has on our lives and well-being Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Psychologists in Hospitals & Health Centres
Psychology in the Military

Understanding and improving the workplace

Highlights the ways in which psychological research – methods, analyses, design – can be improved and better used to inform the science, practice and education of psychology Quantitative Methods

Improving psychological research

Helping people understand the world and improve our interactions within society and the people in our lives Family Psychology
Social & Personality Psychology
Extremism & Terrorism
International & Cross-Cultural Psychology

Understanding society and the world around us

Understanding what contributes to how the mind and brain works – or doesn’t work Brain & Cognitive Science
Clinical Neuropsychology
Quantitative Electrophysiology

Understanding the mind and the brain

Exploring the ways in which psychology – from the lenses of practice, science and education – can, does or should promote equity, diversity and inclusivity Black Psychology Section
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Women and Psychology

Promoting Human Rights and Social Justice

Exploring development across the lifespan from infancy, childhood, adolescence, adults, older adults and through to retirement Developmental Psychology
Adult Development & Aging
Psychologists and Retirement

Exploring life stages

Highlighting the ways in which psychology can and does inform public policy CPA Corporate Sessions

Informing public policy

Examining issues related to our discipline as a profession including accreditation, ethics, funding, training Psychology Careers Section
Internship Fair

Professional and training issues

Examining how people learn and helping facilitate peak performance in the classroom, on the playing field, and in other situations that require physical and mental execution Teaching of Psychology
Educational &School Psychology
Sport & Exercise Psychology

Examining what, where, when, why and how we learn and perform